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Welcome to the San Andreas State Police

Welcome to the office of the San Andreas State Police. Protecting the highways, properties, and citizens of San Andreas!

Mission Statement

The San Andreas State Police’s mission is to protect life and property, promote traffic safety, and provide professional public safety services with respect, compassion, and unbiased professionalism.

Bureau of Patrol Operations:

The Bureau of Patrol Operations of the San Andreas State Police is the state’s most recognizable division found in the field. The bureau is made up of uniformed troopers dedicated to enforcing state laws on highways, state routes, and state properties.

State Investigations Unit (SIU):

The State Investigations Unit of the San Andreas State Police (SIU-SAHP) is San Andreas’ statewide criminal investigative division. SIU is authorized to investigate acts of crime occurring anywhere throughout the state, primarily on state government property, federal property, interstates, and unincorporated cities and towns. Additionally, SIU provides investigative support to municipal law enforcement agencies and may be requested at their discretion. Within the SAHP, SIU investigates all officer-involved shootings and uses of force, under the direction of the Internal Affairs Division. SIU is comprised of three investigatory sections: the Major Crimes Section, the Gang and Narcotics, and the Auto-Theft and Traffic Section.

State Canine Unit (K-9):

The State K-9 Unit of the San Andreas Highway Patrol is home to the department’s canine employees, trained to detect narcotics and contraband deemed illegal by the state of San Andreas. SAHP K-9 teams are certified in the areas of: Obedience, Aggression Control, Criminal Apprehension, Area Search, Building Search, Article Search, Tracking, and Narcotic Detection.

Highway Enforcement Action Team (H.E.A.T):

The San Andreas State Police Highway Enforcement Action Team, more commonly known as “H.E.A.T”, is the department’s premier unit dedicated to highway safety. H.E.A.T. teams are out and about patrolling San Andreas’ roadways to keep you safe from aggressive and impaired drivers. Formed out of many different jurisdictional agencies across the state, the H.E.A.T. teams are an elite force of law enforcement agents dedicated to the motoring public of San Andreas. Our H.E.A.T sub-division is comprised of two primary units: the Traffic Enforcement Unit (TEU) and the Aviation Support Unit (ASU).

SAHP Headquarters and Station Locations

The San Andreas State Police operates three patrol facilities: our administrative headquarters and three strategically placed stations throughout the state. Additionally, through cooperation with local law enforcement agencies, San Andreas State Troopers are authorized to operate out of affiliated municipal stations.


Address: 167 Popular Street, Los Santos, San Andreas

Key Office(s)/Unit(s):


State Investigations Unit (Los Santos County)

SAHP Central Booking (Los Santos Area)



Address: 723 North Route 13, Los Santos, San Andreas

Key Office(s)/Unit(s):

Bureau of Patrol Operations (Statewide Patrol)
Bureau of Special Operations
State Canine Unit
Highway Enforcement Action Team (Los Santos County)
SAHP Central Booking (Sandy Shores, Grapeseed, and Harmony)


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