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Welcome to the San Andreas Civilian Operations

We conduct all operations for civilians and are looking for people that are knowledgeable and want to shine within the Civilian Department.

If you have a good sense of Realism and want to have confrontations with the Law Enforcement Officers on LARP then we’re the right department for you!

What Can I Do As A Civilian?

Not a Civilian Department Member? You’re limited to non-priority calls. Learn more about what we consider a priority.

Civilians of different ranks are permitted to do different things, here are some examples: Homicide, Car Accident (Multiple Collisions – Large), Gas Leak (Liquid or Vapor), Discharged Weapon, Home Invasion, Suspicious Item (Package, Backpack, Etc.), Fire Alarm, Loitering / Soliciting, Public Intoxication, Medical Emergency (Diabetic, Seizure, Stroke, Etc.), DUI, Missing Person Report, Search & Rescue, Domestic Disputes, Vehicle Fire (staff needed), Petty Theft / Robbery (Unarmed),
Vehicle Theft (NO PURSUITS), & Foot Pursuit (Realistic).


We strive for Realistic RP, it is better to ask permission than forgiveness.

Your community is ready for you, but are you ready for your community?